1. Product Design

The Parallel Shaft Geared Reduction Motors refers to the same kind of products abroad and adopts the new design, which is mainly shown in:

  1. Highly modular, with fewer types of gauges and more gearbox specifications.
  2. High transfer power and high operation reliability.


  1. Mounting Type

Parallel Shaft Geared Reduction Motors have two-stage transmission, there are nine types of assembly type, the input shaft is conical, and the output shaft end is cylindrical (Z type), gear type (CA type, C type) one level Euclidean (cross slide) ) Coupling (F type).

Parallel Shaft Gear Transmission Unit
Parallel Shaft Gear Transmission Unit


  1. Equipment Summary

Cement plant basically with motor complete equipment all use reducer. The main large-scale reducer is used: Parallel Shaft Geared Reduction Motors, cement mill reducer, coal vertical mill reducer, roller reducer, conveyor, crusher and so on.

The power size depends on the output and scale of the cement plant. Parallel Shaft Geared Reduction Motors is a necessary equipment in cement industry.


  1. Applicable Conditions
  2. The Parallel Shaft Geared Reduction Motors is no more than 10 m/s.
  3. Speed of speed reducer high-speed shaft is no more than 1500 RPM.
  4. The reducer is used for positive and negative operation.
  5. The working environment temperature of the reducer is -40 °C to +40 ° 4. The gearbox has nine transmission ratios, nine configuration types and three low-speed shaft end types.
  6. The gear ratios of these reducers are: 48.57, 40.17, 31.5, 23.34, 20.49, 15.75, 12.64, 10.35, 8.23


  1. Lubricating
    Parallel Shaft Gear Transmission Unit
    Parallel Shaft Gear Transmission Unit

Before starting, the Parallel Shaft Geared Reduction Motors must be injected with lubricating oil and make it reach the correct oil level. The auxiliary installation is in order.

Generally use oil pool lubrication, natural cooling. When the working balance temperature of the reducer exceeds 85_C, it can be lubricated by circulating oil or cooled by oil pool lubrication and disc tube.

For reducers with a stopping time of more than 24 hours and full load starting, circulating oil should be used for lubrication and lubrication should be provided before starting.


  1. Maintain

When the Parallel Shaft Geared Reduction Motors is used for the first time, it must be replaced after 300 to 600 hours or three months of operation.

Thereafter, whenever the reducer is replaced for 1500 to 5,000 hours, this is mainly determined by the working environment, but the time for the replacement of the lubricant must not exceed 18 months.


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